Global Velocity Group are specialists in the custom design, manufacture and supply of all types of clothing and accessories to large retail brands, corporates and schools throughout Australasia.

We have over 18 years’ experience in garment design, manufacture, sourcing and distribution for many leading international brands.

We 100% own and operate our own manufacturing facility in China. There are very few companies in Australasia who can boast this, enabling us to deliver higher quality products, faster delivery times, lower minimum order restrictions and offer offshore warehousing and distribution if required.

We have secure long term relationships with quality suppliers throughout Asia and the USA who offer specialised fabrics, treatments, zips and accessories.

Our China site has a 2400sqm footprint which includes our production and warehousing facilities. Our plant is set up to produce both woven and knitting garments. Our facilities are modern with everything from laser cutting machines through to high tech seam seal machines to make 100% waterproof garments.

Our design and head management team are located in Hamilton, New Zealand where we can also offer both warehousing and distribution options for our customers.

Our team sits down and creates unique solutions and develops ranges to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Our Hamilton Team

We play to our strengths. We recognise and celebrate the best talent in different areas within our team and utilise that talent to achieve incomparable results. People make the workplace. 

Chief Executive Officer

Gregg Hagen

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Butterworth

Managing Director 

David Icke

Finance Manager

Debbie Vickers

Head of Marketing 

Jens Logstrup

Sales Manager

Emma Green

Supply & Production Manager 

Claire Lockley

Dive & Hydrosports Division Manager 

Remi Mathieu

Logistics Manager

Mahuta TeKoha

Our Auckland Team

VMG Division Manager

Owen Rutter

Director of Product & Design

Tracy Heaven

Sales Account Manager

Amanda Simmons

Sales Account Manager – Europe

Carolyn Thomas Jansen

Warehouse Manager

Christelle King

Sales Account Manager

Lindsay Gardener